Tuesday, March 26, 2013


During my roadshow in City Square,
There is an cute shop attracted my attention.
So I decided to have dinner in there.
Their specialty menu should be Japanese Rice Burger.
Anyhow, I did not manage to order.
Another category of menu is Chicken Cutlet.
They do offer variety of sauces.
I ordered Fried Dory + Chicken Cutlet with spicy mayonnaise sauce.
The taste looks nicer than how it presented.
One day I shall try their Rice Burger.
It looks quite unique.

Sunday, March 3, 2013

许留山 Hui Lau Shan

Are you a Mango Lover?
许留山 is new dessert franchise located in Dataran Pahlawan.
It is their 11th outlet in Malaysia.
85% of their menu item is related to Mango.
It is quite creative to use Mango only to "Mix & Match" with other dessert.
You can randomly pick either one to try,
Because there will be not much different in term of taste.
Enjoy your dessert =)

Monday, February 18, 2013

Starbucks (Green Tea Frappuccino)

As usual,
Everything has the 1st time.
I had a small gathering with two friends.
They decided to have drinks in well known coffee shop called Starbucks
Please do not laugh if I tell you guys this is the 1st time I had Starbucks drink =X
I ordered Green Tea Frappuccino due to its attractive greenish colour and many people were drinking it.
Absolutely a delicious drink, 
But it would be great if its sweetness is reduced.
I wouldn't try it if they didn't invite me there.
Thanks to my friends =)

Saturday, February 9, 2013

2013 Chinese Year of The Snake

2013 Year of Snake.
Chinese New Year is around the corner.
Every houses, 
Every shopping complexes,
Every streets are all decorated with CNY decoration.

Mahkota Parade Malacca

Dataran Pahlawan

Today is Chinese New Year's Eve.
Family Reunion Dinner for Chinese people.
Everyone will be busy preparing dinner.
My CNY Engine Starts now ^^v

Chinese New Year boost up profit to all businesses.
The reason is because we, Chinese people always want everything to be NEW in CNY.
It has no different with me.

New Clothes

New 2nd Hand Car

New Hair Style + Colour

New Watch

Wishing Everyone with Good Health, Happiness and Success in coming year.
Most important,

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Sukiya Malacca

Sukiya in Malacca is a Japanese Fast Food Restaurant.
It is their 3rd outlet in Malaysia.
The 1st two outlets are at Taipan Business Centre and Kota Damansara.
My opinion of their business target is more to Malays.
Their menu are mostly gyudon(beef bowl) and of course halal.
When I was shopping in Aeon Jusco Malacca,
 I give it a try because it is slighty different with other japanese restaurant.
I ordered Teriyaki Chicken Rice and a cup of Americano.
The taste of the food is normal.
It couldn't attract me to go for 2nd time on purpose.
For those who wanting to dine in there,
Enjoy your meal ya =)

Monday, December 31, 2012

End of 2012 Story

Before I end my 2012 story,
I would like to start with November story.

MY BIRTHDAY 11.11.12
She booked Cupcakes,
Handmade Cards written 52 Reasons She Loves Me,
And sponsored Half Samsung Galaxy Ace Duos as birthday present.
For the 1st time in this almost 2 years relationship,
I could felt her sincerity with me.
I am happy that she is growing slightly mature now even though it was quite late.
All the past moments,
She gave me too much pains and I had given her more than 30 chances which a normal bf would not forgive a gf.
Most people do not even know about "The Ugly Truth of My Love Story".
Probably due to I always post sweet & happy moments.
The conclusion is we Break Up in this December due to many hidden reasons in our relationship.

During my November roadshow in Penang,
I had heard and seen people talking about Penang Famous Wall Painting.
So I took this opportunity to visit Armenian Street.
This street has quite a number of Wall Painting.
And the most famous painting is at above.

Penang is really a Heritage City.
It has more historical and old buildings compare to Malacca.
Even thought I did not manage to snap all the photos,
It was a nice experience.
I am very sure to visit Penang again.

 Finally 2012 has come to the end.
And a new year 2013 begins soon.
Its time to welcome the fresh new year with Fresh Hope and Fresh Expectation.
Forget the past sorrows and Think about ahead.
My 2013 Resolution
1) Continuous Improvement in My Career Advancement
2) Spend More Time With Family, Friends & Lover
2) Stay Healthy & Happy

Friday, October 19, 2012

The Good & Bad News

As I am busy with my current life,
I seldom update my blog.
So to begin with good news in my life,

1st is my Best Friend Wedding.
We have been waiting for that moment for 2 years.
I was his Best Man and this is my second time be B.M =.="

Here is the Bride and Bridegroom.
Wish both of them Live Happily Ever After =)

2nd is my Confirmation of Employment.
Finally I have confirmed as Marketing Executive in A'Famosa Resort Hotel.
My Manager is a great superior as she helped me to request earlier confirmation.
Thanks to her that I am able to take Annual Leave ^^

3rd is my Graduation Day.
The day all fresh graduates hoping for.
We had our convocation at Multimedia University Cyberjaya.
I was accompanied by my lovely Parents and Princess.

Everyone has Flower.
I thought I wouldn't have any.
Surprised that my Princess bought me Roses with Cuttie Bear.
Forget to mention,
This is the 1st time my Princess meet my Parents.
Everything went smoothly ^.<

And for the bad news,
Obviously it will relate to Financial Matter.
1st Speed Track Summon 
I get this summon when I was returning to Malacca from Penang.
"RM300 isn't a Small Amount".
Now our government is setting more and more speed track cameras on the Highways.
NOW EVEN WORSE!! Normal roads have as well @.@"
This will cause us late to work, late to school and late to anywhere.
Time is not enough for us.
How could they treat Public this way?
60km/h? You must be kidding me!!
I always need to travel around Malaysia due to my job responsibility.
You guys must be alert and drive slowly on the roads.

2nd is Payment Penalty
I totally forget the date to return my robe to Multimedia University.
When I came back from Singapore Fair,
I immediately return it on following day.
RM10/day for late return.
If we do not return,
We will never get our Degree Certificate,
MMU has a great management and plan for everything.

Monday, July 30, 2012

In love with my shoes

Recently I buy two pair of shoes.
I have been finding shoes that able to catch my Heart and Eyes for almost 2 months.
Can you imagine how "PICKY" I am?
I am so in love with them till not willing to wear it >.<
Shoes are still needed to wear to walk.
I will handle it with care.
How you guys think about my new shoes? ^^v

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Zul Burger

How huge a burger you ever eat?
This is definitely the 1st time I ever eat Giant Burger.
I would recommend bout 4-6 person to eat.
Or else you wouldn't able to finish it.
Overall the taste it is just average.
Take it as an experience.
The name of the shop is Zul Burger.
It is located at Kompleks MPPP Lebuh Nipah, Sungai Nibong, Penang.
Give a visit if you go Penang ya =)

Friday, June 15, 2012

A Couple Ring

A couple ring meant,
A bond that can't be broken,
A faithful love in a relationship,
A reason to hold hearts together,
A reason why a couple starts from beginning.
Those are the reasons I get a couple rings for US.
What does a couple ring mean to you?

Thursday, June 14, 2012

My Best Man

My daddy has been using his old Sony phone for many years.
So I bought a Samsung Corby II for my him with my 1st salary.
Even though it is not a smart phone,
At least better than his current mobile phone now.
Assume it is for Father's Day n His Birthday ^.<
He is always My Best Man.
I wonder will he be happy receive it??

Princess 20th Birthday

I recorded a birthday song video for my beloved princess.
She was surprised when viewed the video I posted on facebook in her birthday morning.
Although I couldn't accompany her that night in Mixx,
She should be enjoy too with her crazy friends.
I do not know what is her dream, 
I hope she loves this video <3

Friday, April 27, 2012

Couple Watch

I did not come back from Singapore with empty hand.
My Princess has been wanting a couple watch for some time.
So I decided to buy us a couple watch.
She was happy to receive it.
I was missing her very much in those 5 days without her.
Now most important is she loves the watch.
Hope she is going to wear it daily.
By the way,
Do these watches beautiful?